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December 9, 2013
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Iceforged - Invoker set for Iceiceice by ChemicalAlia Iceforged - Invoker set for Iceiceice by ChemicalAlia

Dry Socket and I have finished our quas-themed Invoker set made in collaboration with pro player Iceiceice.  Here’s some pictures!

And a link to our workshop collection:…

Also our Facebook:…

Hope you like it!

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KitumaraMiki Dec 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I adore this set!
This is the first hair that I would consider using other than vanilla hair
Dat cape, dat forge spirit... Just all of it
Thought #1
Dat collar

Thought #2
Excellent piece of work it makes for a really striking character
Invoker is the prettiest princess.
Oh wow.  I watched you for your art, but somehow only just found out that you make DotA 2 skins.  This is really well done.

I noticed on the workshop page that you've got over 800 votes on this set and it's sitting at 5/5 stars currently.  Some of the comments say "Valve add this please" (and much to my relief, they do not say "volvo"). What does it take to get them to actually add these player-made sets?  Is it based on the number of positive votes? Do they add them in increments throughout the year (monthly, quarterly, etc.)?  I notice you have some from October that still say "pending." :grump:

What program do you guys model/shade/texture these in?  I assume there are assets that valve provides in terms of character models to model the armor around?

Do the items work on the characters without the rest of their set (as the ones already in-game seem to do)? (Sorry I'm not really experienced with DotA and have only found a handful of items in the amount of time I've played it).

I see some of your designs have been approved.  Are approved designs available for purchase, random drops, or both? If they're purchased, do you guys get a cut of the profit?

Anyway, sorry for all the questions.  Ever since I learned that Valve is doing the whole workshop thing for DotA 2 I've been pretty fascinated by it, but was never able to find a lot of answers with regards to some of the more technical stuff.  This really is some pretty awesome, professionally done work that looks like it BELONGS in the game (as if the developers put it there themselves).  I am quite impressed. :eyes:
ChemicalAlia Dec 9, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Hi there.  I'll see if I can answer all of your questions.

The "Valve add this please" posts are pretty much just a generic message that the community can spam easily (especially such an international one).  A submission doesn't get accepted based on the number of votes it has, but the statistics of upvotes vs. downvotes and favorites do serve as some indication of how the community is receiving your stuff. As for what gets in, it has much more to do with a combination of things, such as quality, meeting the guidelines, and less easy to predict factors such as the timing of what's previously been released, stuff like that.  Sometimes things get in very quickly, sometimes it takes a lot longer, and there is no guarantee that it will actually happen.  Generally you find out your stuff has been added when it shows up on Cyborgmatt's blog/Dota 2 schema, or when it shows up in the store.

Regarding the work flow, Valve provides you with source files for the base models and textures, as well as guidelines and technical requirements.  From there you can design new items that fit properly with the characters.  Characters from scratch like couriers require their own custom rigs and animation, so they're more involved.

When your item gets approved, it may go in a chest, or drop in game, or be available in the store (sets are bundled together).  You get 25% of all sales of your items, excluding the official marketplace where it's something like 10%, if I recall correctly.

I hope that's some help to you, feel free to let me know if you have any other questions about making items for Valve games!
Thank you for answering all that! It sounds like there's no set system in place for how an item gets in then, but is ultimately up to valve how and when it gets in based on a number of considerations.

One other question: What program do you model/animate these in?
IceFlame1019 Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ice and fire o_o

I approve.
Even though I don't care for dota, your stuff is always awesome

How many polys?
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